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Pierce Brosnan Proves He Is Never Out Of The Game In THE NOVEMBER MAN

THE NOVEMBER MAN Opened in theatres on August 27, 2014 and is full of action and suspense. The film is based on the novel “There Are No Spies” by Bill Granger, which is canonically the seventh installment in “The November Man” series of books. The film stars Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, and Olga Kurylenko.


Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) is an ex-CIA agent, code named “The November Man”. He is highly trained, extremely lethal, and was the most brilliant agent the R section ever produced, but his spy days have come to end after a tragic accident and he is now enjoying a nice quiet life in Switzerland. Devereaux receives a visit from his old pal and co-worker Hanley (Bill Smitrovich) asking him to come back to work for one last mission and he quickly gets sucked back in. His mission is to protect a very valuable witness, Alice Fournier (Olga Kurylenko), from some very dangerous people. Almost instantly he realizes that something is very wrong when he goes in to save Alice from an assassin and when the CIA shows up, instead of helping them, they too start chasing them. As if he never left Devereaux is thrown back into being the best agent he can be by keeping Alice safe all while trying to find out what is really going on. He soon finds that he has become the target of the assignment and it quickly becomes his most personal mission yet when the CIA sends their best to take Peter out. David Mason (Luke Bracey) has become the best agent the CIA has, and why? Because Peter is the one who trained him. They know each other inside and out, they know each others strengths and weaknesses making this an even more deadly game pitting teacher against student. With his suspicions growing that there is a mole in the CIA Devereaux can trust no-one, and there are no longer any rules.

The November Man

Directed by Roger Donaldson (THE BANK JOB, NO WAY OUT, THIRTEEN DAYS) this fast paced game of cat and mouse will have you at the edge of your seats trying to figure out who are friends and who are the enemy. Brosnan slips right back into the role of a legendary spy with grace and confidence and doesn’t even break a sweat while doing it. Anyone who thinks he no longer has what it takes to lead a spy based action film is sadly mistaken. When I asked him after becoming James Bond what it takes to come into another action spy series he answered “Guts, courage, determination, perseverance, luck and good material”. While most fans of his work will thoroughly enjoy seeing Brosnan back at it as a spy, critics will almost always compare anything he does in the genre to his work as Bond, and I would have to say that he has never left the game. He takes on the character of Peter Devereaux with a style, confidence and grace that is exciting to watch.


As a huge fan of Olga Kurylenko’s work in both VAMPIRE ACADEMY and OBLIVION I was excited to see her to take on a very different role. Alice becomes a very crucial part to the story and when I asked her what drew her to the character she told me it was that Alice had many layers, something to hide and that she was just a regular girl and not an agent. Olga shows her diversity as an actress in this film going from an innocent girl being chased to becoming a bit of a femme fatale when she tries to take matters into her own hands and it was thrilling to watch. Luke Bracey who can next be seen in the POINT BREAK remake playing Johnny Utah left a lasting impression as Devereaux’s protégé and left me feeling excited to see what he does next.

November Man

THE NOVEMBER MAN was a fun action spy movie with enough twists and turns not to become to cliché that will leave you wanting to see more of Peter Devereaux in action. I can definitely see this becoming a franchise and hope that is the direction they take.

Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.
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Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.

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