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Violation On The Internet, Leaked Nude Celebrity Photos

Last week hundreds of nude and risqué photos of celebrities like Kate Upton, Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence were released online after a hacker breached iCloud. The news of the leak spread faster than a wildfire and almost instantly we saw humanity fail yet again right in front of our very eyes. Within hours the pictures and stories were shard millions of times and it was all anyone was talking about and that is when it happened and hit like a ton of bricks. Suddenly there was the tidal wave of excuses “But they are a celebrity”, “Don’t take pictures you don’t want people to see”, “It comes with the territory” and even “Who cares? There is nothing wrong with being seen naked”. As my jaw dropped and blood boiled reading one status after another talking about the leaked photos, not one of which shared my sense of disgust, I was shocked at the lack of respect and human decency. Every time I read a status, tweet or article I wondered what kind of society we live in that this is seen as acceptable. Every excuse made was maddening and was no different than hearing “Her skirt was too short”, “She shouldn’t have drank that much”, or “The way she was dressed she was asking for it” when talking about rape. Rape is a disgusting, vile, and repulsive violation of a human being, while there are differences between rape and leaking nude pictures there are also many, too many similarities. No means no, is a phrase that people still don’t seem to really understand. Consent over your body on any level should be taken very seriously. With thousands of women still being attacked, raped and violated it is no wonder that when hundreds of nude photos of celebrities are leaked online we don’t think twice about how wrong and violating this is. Whether a celebrity or not the shame of having intimate photos, nude photos being shared without your knowledge or consent is extremely violating on so many levels. The last time I checked becoming an actor or actress does not require giving up your personal and private life. In the millions of contracts actors sign every year nowhere do they state that the world now has an all access pass to your life. Musicians, actors, and actresses alike have a right to their lives and keeping things private, just because their job is very public does not mean their life needs to be. There are countless people in the entertainment world who’s lives are not constantly on public display, they go to work and go home and lead lives just like you and I do, because after all their job is just their job, just like you may be a banker, a teacher, or a nurse their chosen career is to entertain us.

With hundreds of gossip sites and tabloid, paparazzi running around looking for the latest scoop and people selling stories to the highest bidder we have created a world where this is acceptable. How have we created this world, by buying the magazines, watching the gossip driven shows and clicking that link because every time you tune in, make that purchase or click that link you are telling them that you want more of what they are selling. You are feeding the fire, giving them a reason to chase that story, invade someone’s privacy and violate their bodies. When does it stop, when do we say enough is enough.

Society idolizes these people puts them up on this pedestal and usually for all the wrong reasons. We watch their television shows and their movies, we buy their books, and we support their work because after all they are providing us with something. They make us laugh, they make us cry, we escape from our problems, they entertain us and how do we repay them? We tear them down, we criticize their every move and we violate their privacy. We make it acceptable for a person to hack into an iCloud account and leak personal pictures and we hold no one accountable. If someone was to break into your house or car, steal your valuables, and violate your space would you find it acceptable if the police came to your home and said, “You shouldn’t have had nice things” or “Your house shouldn’t have been so big”? Then why do we keep telling the world that these violations of privacy are acceptable? Stop making excuses and start being part of the solution, stop buying, stop clicking, enough is enough.

Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.
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Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.

1 Comment on Violation On The Internet, Leaked Nude Celebrity Photos

  1. im sorta not that bothered in one way its bad and in another its good. and by good i mean yeh of course im a guy we like to see sexy ladies but i think having seen some of them posted online and twitter that it humanises them and shows they are no diff to everyone else if anything i like them more i deff have nothing negative to say about the stars in the the pics if anything i like them more and am now more aware of some of the stars and films i will now be watching. i do feel for them with the fact some sado people thought it up and hacked and broke the privacy they had but all in its only pictures no one was hurt or killed and the hackers should be charged with some kinda crime but i think its hard to blame fans of them for looking as well part of them does pay for there wages lol they like them so much they go see movies and shows over and over buy posters and things related to them so i cant blame the fans for having a crush and wanting to see. and of course then trolls leave the daft comments like thats what happens ? well no its not but i guess being scotish were are a lil more laid back and dont care so much as all girls have boobs n bums so its nothing new to see or care about. but your deff right sad that the hackers did it i mean why did they hack only celebs or just hit up every account they could get and then posted only the famous ones ? any ways take care huny x

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