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10 Things Every CINDERELLA Fan Needs To Know

The highly anticipated live action adaptation of Walt Disney’s animated classic CINDERELLA is just around the corner. While most of us are familiar with the 1950’s classic there are some new and exciting changes in the upcoming film, not to mention attention to detail like you can’t imagine in your wildest dreams. Here are 10 exciting things every CINDERELLA fan needs to know before the film hits theatres.

  1. One of the animated classic’s most iconic lines almost didn’t make it in the film.Could you imagine a Bippity Boppity Boo free CINDERELLA? Well we almost had one because the iconic line didn’t make it into the film until it was already in post. Producer David Barron (HARRY POTTER Franchise) told us how it ended up sneaking it’s way in saying:

    “It just felt appropriate we were talking about end title songs and there is the original song that is the first of the three and Ken wanted Lily to sing and we thought why not, all good things come in threes, why not add Bippity Boppity Boo and Helena because you couldn’t think of anybody better to actually offer up a rendition of Bippity Boppity Boo then Helly.

  2. CINDERELLA has a superpower.That’s right I said superpower, who gave her said superpower you ask? THOR director Kenneth Branagh did and I am pretty sure he knows a thing or two about superpowers so I am definitely not going to fight him on this one and neither was producer Allison Shearmur saying:

    “And how about that great idea he had about Kindness as a superpower and from the guy that brought us THOR it kind of felt like he was, he knew what he was talking about.”

  3. The Glass Slipper is real, but CINDERELLA never really wears it.Not only is it real but it is made by non other than the people who do crystal the best Swarovski Crystal. The shoe was designed in collaboration with Swarovski, and based on a shoe from the 1890s that Powell found in a museum in Northampton, England. After borrowing the shoe and making a 3d model of it she then worked closely with Swarovski to get the shoe to look just right but it wasn’t easy. Powell said:

    “It took several renderings they did computerized drawings of the shoe with different renderings and different faceting and it would come back to me and I kept thinking this is not going to work some fit look like some horrible space shoe or something out of a science fiction film, I kept saying its ugly its not going to work what are we going to do then eventually we came to one that looked elegant and then they did the first prototype and thankfully it worked.”

    In real life CINDERELLA never wears the actual glass slipper because it would be impossible to put her foot into solid crystal so she wears a leather version of the shoe and they then add the glass slipper in post.cinderella-shoes

  4. CINDERELLA’S Blue Ball Gown Is PerfectionCould you imagine CINDERELLA’S dress for the ball any other color than blue? Well it almost was. Powell said:

    “I didn’t keep it deliberately but then I realized having come back to blue, I went through every other color that it could have been and it ended up blue again by the end because I think it was the prettiest color. But I realize now there was no way I could have changed the color of CINDERELLA’S dress you’d upset every little girl in the world, Cinderella has to be blue there’s no other way around it”

    There were actually 8 dresses made in total because some of the fabric was so light that it would rip and tear easily so they needed more than one for the ballroom scene. The gown had 10,000 Swarovski crystals, 3 miles of fabric and 24 layers of gossamer-fine silk in different shades of pale blue, turquoise, and lavender. It took four miles’ worth of thread to hem one petticoat. All of this was over a cage, it’s hard to imagine wearing a gown that big, never mind dancing in it. Yet it flowed like the ocean with every step.

  5. Cinderella’s Golden Carriage Not only is the carriage real but it can currently be seen at Disney Hollywood Studios. The designer is none other than the masterful Dante Ferretti, who made the spectacular 10 feet tall and 17 feet long, weighting almost two tons, gold leaf and glass pumpkin carriage that would take CINDERELLA to the ball.Cinderella-cinderella-2015-38086567-1920-1280
  6. Prince Charming has a name and a story His name is Kit, most people know him as Rob Stark from Game Of Thrones. In the original film not only do we never know Charming’s real name but we know nothing about him or if he is worthy of CINDERELLA, all that is about to change in this new adaptation. But it wasn’t easy finding a Prince who was worthy of this version of CINDERELLA. Branagh said:

    “When people said well you know your just going to get someone who’s a great love interest, I said well we can’t think about it like that, that’s an unfortunately the ghastly truth behind many other decisions in movie making. So we’ve got to think about it in a different way and he has to, its her picture and it’s the women’s picture but he, because of that, when he does occupy the time it will be significant and we’ll really listen carefully. So we need somebody intelligent and kind who is chivalrous and gallant in a way that can be expressed, we did want someone very manly and masculine in the sense that he is very much a man and she is very much a woman and that this is sort of fully felt and they are complimentary.”CINDERELLA

  7. The Ballroom is real and spectacular

    There is no fancy green screen or CGI work here just the genius work of

    Production designer Dante Ferretti (THE AVIATOR) who transformed the 007 soundstage at London’s Pinewood Studios into a grand, three-story ballroom, complete with 5,000 hand-lit oil candles and 17 custom-made chandeliers for Cinderella’s big moment. To say it is breathtaking may be the understatement of the year.

  8. CINDERELLA is no damsel in distress and doesn’t need to be saved.

    One of the best parts of Disney’s live action adaptation is, gone are the days of the damsel in distress or the woman waiting for her knight in shining armor to come save her Director Kenneth Branagh talks about bringing this fairy tale to the 21st century.

    “I went back to the animated one and it just felt to me like it was a piece of genius but from another age and that the world had moved on its lots of ways that this story had to respond to…It was basically something we said every day: well how can we do it, how can we do this so that is the story (having CINDERELLA not need saving), does the story appear to make her entirely passive and always waiting, no not necessarily and you know you build the case for that by finding out who she is seeing her in her early life seeing what this functioning family is.”

  9. The entrance of the costumes were just as important as the entrance of the characters.

    Branagh worked closely with Powell to make sure the costumes shined just as brightly as the actors who wore them. One scene was entirely re-worked so that the entrance of both the costume and the character were equally magical. Branagh explained the importance of an entrance and how the cat got a diamond collar:

    “I had a story board for Cate’s first entrance into the movie and then we talked about what she might wear and then there was a costume fitting and then Sandy brought these things back and said you might want to look at these. I said well that’s great, (laughing) I’ve got to change this now completely so just tell me, this enormous hat what side does it go up and what side does it go down. Does Cate have an issue about what side of her face she prefers to be photographed on because here’s what I want to do, now I won’t get her out of the carriage because she can’t get out of the carriage elegantly and make a great entrance into the movie wearing this outfit so now I’m going to hide her. So now by the way I’m going to need a diamond collar on this cat because now I’m going to be on the cat because I don’t want to give the costume away and also I want to give an entrance to the costume the first of the costumes, so I will go with the cat and I’ll be behind. I need to know which side I’m lighting it from, you’d have those kind of conversations (with Sandy) where you realize that this wonderful entrance to the movie was affected and influenced by the fact that at full length, that costume is great.”

  10. The Fairy Godmother is so spectacular she literally glows.

    With so many renditions of Fairy Godmothers over the years it may come as a surprise that one could make you speechless, but Sandy Powell’s magic has struck again. Played by Helena Bonham Carter, this take on the fairy godmother is truly enchanting and everything you could ever want a fairy godmother to be. She literally glows, and there is no pixie dust or CGI effects to make it light up. Powell worked with a lighting company who developed 4,000 led lights on 4 or 5 different circuits that were all woven into the dress. It that had a battery pack attached which meant the dress was only completed at the very last second. So every night of filming the lighting technician would have to get under her skirt and plug all of her lights in. He programmed different sequences to the lights and controlled them from his computer nearby


If this doesn’t get you excited about the amount of love and attention to detail that was put into our beloved classic fairy tale, then you may need to check your plus! CINDERELLA hits theatres this friday March 13, 2015, you won’t want to miss this enchanting adaptation.

Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.
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Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.

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