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Why Bryce Dallas Howard Almost Didn’t Get To See JURASSIC PARK & What She Loved About JURASSIC WORLD

Most people know Bryce Dallas Howard as the daughter of actor turned director Ron Howard or as the annoying yet hilarious character from THE HELP, but the world is about to see a whole new side of the actress in her upcoming film JURASSIC WORLD. During a press conference for the film the actress opened up about what she loved about the role, working with dinosaurs and how she almost didn’t get to see JURASSIC PARK.

It seems the whole world can tell you their first memory of the franchise or what the experience was like the first time they saw the film and Howard is no different, but she almost didn’t get to see the film at all. She told us:

“What my memory is, is that all my friends were going to see the movie opening night. I was not allowed to because I was 12. And it was PG-13. My parents are real literal! And they saw the movie,
opening night and came home. And I remember this as clear as day, my dad said, “This is cinema history. You have to see this movie in the theaters.” And so I got to see it that opening weekend with my parents.”

Growing up as the daughter of long time actor turned director Ron Howard and actress and writer Cheryl Howard Bryce was no stranger to filmmaking and was on sets at an early age. With an interest in filmmaking early on Howard would constantly ask her father to explain how he did certain things that she didn’t quite understand and he carefully would explain them to her so she did, so she knew instantly that JURASSIC WORLD was truly special saying:

“When I saw that film, what I kind of liken it to is an aspiring painter seeing the Sistine Chapel for the first time. I mean it was just something so beyond what I thought could be possible. I mean, the kid part of me, the 12-year-old part of me was just like, well, clearly, it just must be real dinosaurs. These are real dinosaurs. It was just remarkable.”

Working on the set of JURASSIC WORLD was no different. There were moments during filming that were absolutely incredible. There is a beautiful scene in the film where Howard and Chris Pratt are sitting with a very large brontosaurus and it is a turning point in not only the film but for her character as well, but that wasn’t what was amazing. They used an animatronic dinosaur for the scene to make it as real as they possibly could and even the actress was stunned saying:

“And the scene with the animatronic dinosaur, so that scene,
which is an emotional scene, was acted with an animatronic dinosaur, and like I said, it was an unbelievable experience because it’s not kind of like – you can go to exhibits and see
animatronic dinosaurs. It was nothing like this. I mean, it was really real.”

There was a bit more meaning to that day as well and the actress told us why:

“That was a particularly emotional day because Michael Crichton passed away right when his wife was eight months pregnant. And when we shot this movie, his son was, I think he was only six years old, and that was the day that he visited the set. And he went and he saw this dinosaur, and he turned to his mom before we started. He said, “Mom, it’s a real dinosaur!” I mean, I just burst into tears because this is his father’s legacy, and this is what his father has given to all children. And then, here he was, his son in the presence of what he thought was a real dinosaur. And it was just incredibly moving to me. And so that day, in particular, because of that, felt really just charged and meaningful.”

We have seen Howard wow us in THE HELP and now we will see if she has what it takes to star as the leading lady in an action film. As we have seen from the trailers Howard takes on the role of Claire who runs the theme park and is right there, in on the action when tragedy strikes. She was excited by the many layers of the character and to take on the different complexities.

“What I love so much about her was that when you see her, when you meet her, yes, she’s running the park. She’s responsible for 20,000 visitors every single day. She’s responsible for the assets which are the dinosaurs. And she is responsible, above all, for the bottom line. And yes, she’s a C-Level executive and kind of projects this sense of power and authority. But in truth, she’s super disconnected from herself. And in her quest for a profit, she’s disconnected from her own humanity. And I thought it was so interesting to meet a character like that and to have that person that makes the mistakes that causes the chaos, evolve into an individual who redeems themselves and who is ultimately heroic.”

Having directed some short content in the past the actress is no stranger to what it takes to be behind the camera. With Colin Trevorrow at the helm, many JURASSIC PARK fans wondered if he would have what it takes to take on JURASSIC WORLD. Having only one independent film under his belt, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, moving to a big budget studio franchise film is not something just any director could handle, but it seems it may have worked wonderfully for Trevorrow. Howard told us what he brought to the project that made the actress feel at home saying:

“When you’re making a micro budget film which is a lot of passion, a lot of efficiency, and just the ability to accomplish a lot with kind of a small, intimate crew. And so when we were on this set, the catering was way better than independent film, but
other than that, it felt – I shouldn’t say Indie – but it felt far more intimate than what you would assume of a monster sized studio franchise film. And that was all Colin.”

“And something else actually, is that Colin is a really smart guy, and he’s going to have a sensational career. But I was always asking him, “Hey, man, what are you going to do next?”
Like what’s the next thing. And he just said, “I’m focusing on this. I’m just putting all of my energy into this right now. There will come a time and place where I start looking at future
projects, but right now, it’s this.” And from that, what I got from that was his integrity as an artist and also, the fact that how important this movie was to him. That it wasn’t just kind
of a way to leverage his career. I mean, this was as much as passion project for him as “Safety Not Guaranteed” and anything he will do in the future.”

As one of the most anticipated films of the year JURASSIC WORLD has a lot to live up to. Fans have been eager to see the next installment and have waited a long time to get it. So why does Howard think people will enjoy the film:

“I think something that’s so self-aware about the movie is that – there’s the fun of seeing the park. That’s awesome to get to see John Hammonds’ dream come to life. That’s amazing. And yes, dinosaurs are still incredible to get to see, and yet, this park has been around in existence for probably a little over a decade. And there’s a line that I say, “Nobody’s impressed by a dinosaur anymore.” And I think that that would be true. And I think in a way, it is impressive to see dinosaurs, but because it was 22 years ago that “Jurassic Park” happened, I mean, we’ve seen dinosaurs. So what else might interest us? What else might kind of bring us to buy a ticket? And I think that that’s, in a way, the story for this movie. And that’s also paralleled as the story within the movie.”

So will her daughter get to see the film on opening weekend, not just yet and Howard told us why:

“I made a huge, terrible mistake which is that when I shot a scene, Chris and I, with an animatronic dinosaur, and it was amazing. It was sort of that experience you had in the theaters watching “Jurassic Park” and seeing dinosaurs for the first time, it was the equivalent to that, kind of being in the presence of a dinosaur which felt totally real. It was a chilling experience, honestly. So I went home that night, and my daughter asked me what I did that day. And I told her that I worked with a dinosaur. And I thought she was going to be like, oh! And she looked terrified. And then almost every single night since then, she has
asked me if a dinosaur is going to come into her room. So it’s going to be a while before my daughter sees the film. (laughing) But I know they will see it and I feel so lucky to get to be in a movie that might touch their imagination in the same way that the original film touched mine.”

Don’t forget the park is officially open, JURASSIC WORLD opens in theatres everywhere today!

Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.
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Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.

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