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5 Superhero Faceoffs We’d Like to See

It seems like the go-to plot for superhero movies these days is to pit them against each other. In DC’s camp, we have Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which has a rather self-explanatory title; over on the Marvel side, we have Captain America: Civil War, which fans of the comics know is all-out war between two different factions of heroes with Captain America vs Iron Man at its core. For a while, the two movies were even pitted against each other in terms of release dates (at least, until DC capitulated and moved Dawn of Justice).

With Superhero Showdowns in the air, I started thinking about what matchups I’d like to see. To keep things from getting too wild, I laid down a few rules: characters had to be in the same franchise (so no Marvel vs DC matchups) but didn’t have to stick with movie rights (so no Marvel vs DC matchups, but we could have Daredevil vs Wolverine), and they had to have appeared on some form of screen at least once, so while TV and movie adaptations were up for grabs, comics-only characters were not. With that in mind, here are our top 5 superhero throwdowns we’d like to see hit the big screen.

5: Captain Lance (Arrow) vs Police Commissioner Gordon (The Dark Knight Rises)


The first throwdown on the list isn’t between heroes, but rather their police counterparts. Police Commissioner Gordon tries to keep things running smoothly in Gotham; Captain Lance does the same in Starling City. How would they handle a case that falls into both of their jurisdictions, or requires one cop to travel to the other’s home turf to solve the crime? As it is, they both have a good amount of experience with a slightly unhinged masked vigilante running around their cities and a completely unhinged villain attempting to create apocalypse-level catastrophes right in the middle of town. Watching the unwilling team-up turn into the partnership both cities never knew they needed would be an interesting study in character development for both cops; also, it’d be nice to have a story that shifts the focus, relegating the vigilantes to side characters with exciting cameos and instead following the more down-to-earth people who get the work done while the guys in hoods are off brooding.

Plus, Gary Oldman and Paul Blackthorne are each magical in their own right. Pairing them up for an entire movie would produce as-yet-unmeasured levels of awesome.

4: Supergirl vs The Flash


(The following entry contains spoilers for the leaked Supergirl pilot; reader beware!)

The Flash and Supergirl are two heroes who would be very evenly matched in very odd ways. Barry is still new to his super speed, but he’s got a relatively steady handle on the basics of his powers and he’s getting faster and more innovative all the time. Kara, on the other hand, has known about her powers since she arrived on Earth as a teen, but has chosen not to use them for a good long while; she’s aware of her capabilities but very much out of practice. There’s a number of ways a fight could happen (mind control and/or miscommunication come to mind); either way, the fun part would be the execution, with Kara’s rustiness matched with Barry’s relative inexperience for a fight that would be both exhilarating and frustrating by turns. It would need to end with a teamup, of course – the heroes are, after all, still heroes, and that’s how these stories go.

3: Peggy Carter (Marvel’s Agent Carter) vs Black Widow (The Avengers)


Before anyone freaks out about the temporal anomalies required to make this one work, there’s actually a straightforward explanation for this one: Natasha is something of a super soldier. We’re digging into comic book lore for this: essentially, the Red Room experimented on Natasha with an offshoot version of the Super Soldier serum that gave her enhanced reflexes and healing and a longer life – not quite at the level of Captain America, but enough to make her 80 years old in present day with a body that hasn’t aged past 30. (For those of you wondering, this is also what the Red Room did to Bucky Barnes to make him the Winter Soldier, at least in the comics.) Marvel has never said that this wasn’t the case, so we’re rolling with it. Plus, how badly would we like to see Peggy Carter play a deadly game of cat and mouse across the US and the Soviet Union with a deadly assassin that matches her step for step? The inevitable climactic battle would pit their conflicting fighting styles against each other – Natasha’s graceful, precise movements versus Peggy’s forceful hit-it-’til-it-dies philosophy – resulting in a fantastic throwdown. (Plus, a Marvel movie helmed by two well-rounded female characters would be amazing, and we all know it.)

2: Black Widow (The Avengers) vs Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)


Can we say parallelism? The MCU is headed for a crash course with Thanos as it is, and we know it’ll come to a head in Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2. This should either bring the Guardians of the Galaxy to Earth, or throw the Avengers into deep space; either way, a meeting between the two of the galaxy’s best formerly-brainwashed former-assassins would be amazing to watch, and we firmly believe it could be its own standalone film as part of the buildup to the Infinity War films. Who doesn’t like a good assassin-off?

(Also, let’s be real, we really want a Black Widow movie. Shut up and take our money, Marvel.)

1: Deadpool vs Anybody


For those of you who already know who Deadpool is, this should require no explanation. For the unfamiliar, or those who only know Deadpool from his two-point-five minute of screentime in The Wolverine, here’s your primer: Deadpool is Wade Wilson, also known as the Merc with a Mouth. He has the same healing factor as Wolverine; he also has cancer, which puts him in an odd sort of balance. On top of that, he’s completely insane in a way only comics can pull off: he’s aware of the fourth wall, and the other side of it. He’s directly addressed comic readers, referenced real-life current events that make zero sense in the world of comics, and even talks to the player during the course of the Deadpool video game. He easily steals the scene whenever he’s added to a team, and he’d be a blast to have in just about any Marvel movie we can think of. Yes, we know he’s getting his own movie, and we’re looking forward to it; however, the crossover potential here cannot be ignored. Like bacon, Deadpool makes just about anything better, and we’d love to have him hanging out in the MCU.

What characters would you like to see face off? Who do you think would be fun to watch? Let us know in the comments!

Katie is a girl, geek, and gamer, a venn diagram overlap that is becoming less and less of a societal surprise every day. She’s an ITS professional by day and a voracious reader and writer by night, making her way through books, movies, games, TV, whatever tickles her fancy, and then making her opinions on them known across multiple platforms. Talk geeky to her; odds are she’ll have something to say back.
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Katie is a girl, geek, and gamer, a venn diagram overlap that is becoming less and less of a societal surprise every day. She's an ITS professional by day and a voracious reader and writer by night, making her way through books, movies, games, TV, whatever tickles her fancy, and then making her opinions on them known across multiple platforms. Talk geeky to her; odds are she'll have something to say back.
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