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Hello My Name is Doris, A Review


The coming of age film has been a popular trope for a while. A great stress relieving movie that gives us hope and makes us laugh as we learn a major life lesson that we will quote for ever more. Most of the time these coming of age films are about young slightly awkward kids who are really just diamonds in the rough. They take off that scrunchie and suddenly the girl next door is the most popular girl. Leave it to Michael Showalter to give a well established genre something fresh and new.

Hello my name is Doris is a coming of age tale, for a more mature audience. Starring Sally Fields, it follows an often forgotten about woman with a unique sense of style and love for all things discarded. That’s a polite way of saying she’s a hoarder. But more than that, she loves to find the unwanted and unloved things and give them a new place in her life. And that’s what she’s looking for when in walks John Freemont (Max Greenfield). Finally noticed. What journey has begun?

Well something pretty epic, actually. Imaginative, inspiring, and a real tear jerker. There’s a bit of everything in here. The emotional roller coaster you will go on with Doris is immense, and your house will never be so clean the week after you see it.

Sally Fields is endearing. Adorable and quirky she truly proves the force that she is by making you cry and laugh all within the same five minutes. Max Greenfield is the boy you want to end up with, slightly brooding, emo, and too cool to even be a hipster, he will steal your heart.

Something else to note, is the nod to the emerging hipster culture and the unique backdrop that it supplies. Even, ironically, the embracing of things slightly tattered is quite beautiful.

When asked if  she learned anything about herself from taking the role of Doris, Sally Field said no. That she is Doris. Indeed we are all Doris. Slightly awkward, dreamy, and just waiting to be noticed.

Be sure to notice Hello My Name is Doris this weekend opening in LA and NY!

For tickets head to Hello My Name is Doris.


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