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The Movie Chickk Is Proud To Be #DStrong

While we at The Movie Chickk write about all things movies, once in a while there are stories that need to be shared and this is one of them. The Movie Chickk’s creator and editor, Krisily Kennedy, was born and raised in Rhode Island and one little boy has made her even more proud of where she is from. Dorian Murray is an 8-year-old boy from Westerly, Rhode Island. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4, he has been battling rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of muscle cancer almost all of his life. In December they found out that his cancer had spread to his spinal fluid and his family had to make a very difficult decision. They sat down with Dorian and had a conversation no parent should ever have to have. They explained what was happening to him, that at this point any treatment would not help cure him it would only possibly give him extended time, this time however would not be years or even months but only weeks or even days, and together as a family they decided to stop treatment after the new year. No more hospital visits, no more needles, no more getting sick from chemo, now it’s all about keeping Dorian happy and comfortable. Spending as much time possible giving Dorian all the love he deserves.


One night while Dorian was sitting and talking to his dad, he told his dad he had one wish before he went to heaven, he wanted to be famous in China. The conversation went a little like this: (taken from the Praying For Dorian Facebook page)


Dorian: Hey dad, you know what I really want before I go to heaven.
Me: (holding back tears) What’s that buddy?
Dorian: I would like to be famous in China.
Me: China?
Dorian: Yeah, because they have that bridge.
Me: Bridge? Do you mean the great Wall of China?
Dorian: Yeah. It is kind of a bridge. People walk on it.
Me: You very right buddy. Who knows, maybe you are famous over there in China.


So Dad took to his Facebook page and asked if anyone knew anyone in China to help make his sons dream come true. What followed is what dreams are made of. Using the hashtag #DStrong the world took action and it was a beautiful things to see. Suddenly people from all over the world were taking pictures holding #DStrong pictures and posting them on social media, from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Youtube thousands of people were helping to make this little boys dream come true.


Hollywood actors, professional athletes and people just like you and me stepped up to show Dorian he is not alone and we all have his back, and yes there is even a picture of The Great Wall Of China with someone holding a #Dstrong sign, but it doesn’t stop there. Foxwoods Casino gave Dorian a celebrities welcome for a night of fun and games with his family, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gonkrowski paid Dorian and his family a special visit showing that he too is #DStrong, Patriots owner Robert Craft invited Dorian and his family to a playoff game and gave him the star treatment, the Rhode Island General Assembly made January 20, 2016 #DStrong day, there have been songs written in his honor and sent to the family, actor Kevin James showed his support by video chatting with Dorian, the city of Westerly gave Dorian his own week, he had a VIP trip to the Mystic Aquarium, he was even presented with his very own #DStorng license plate even though he cant drive and it doesn’t stop there. He has gone seal watching, had a special VIP screening of the new 4-D Lego movie coming out soon, he has worked with his mom and children’s author Nicole D. Cannella to write a book about pediactric cancer, he joined his friends for a fun trip to Monster Jam, had visits from professional fighters and former patriots players, and was honored to be the receipt of the 2016 Saint Vintage Love Cures Award where he was given his own Hollywood Star and had the support of celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Seth  Rogan and Olivia Wilde. Dorian’s family has made sure he is comfortable and happy and has made every single moment count. The #DStrong movement has gone Global, people from all over the world are showing this little 8 year old boy what an inspiration he is and it is such a beautiful thing. Dorian’s mom has made sure to show him every picture and video, she has taken to their facebook page to share just how amazed and thankful she is for all the wonderful love and support sent to her son.


Battling a chronic illness myself, having hard days where you have no hope left, my heart can’t begin to describe what following Dorian’s journey has meant to me. It has given me hope and showed me that I too need to be #DStrong and fight just as hard as Dorian. I have never been prouder of my little Rhodey and how they have stepped up to support this little angel. It is magical to see this little 8 year old boy and the impact he has had on the world, his wish before going to heaven was to be famous in China, well Dorian the world has showed you that you are famous far beyond China, the whole world knows your name. The whole world has come together and showed we are all #DStrong. Following Dorian’s journey has been motivational, inspirational and downright magical. Seeing the world support his fight and more importantly the love from his family and friends, well it’s better than any movie I can think of.


The last few days have been tough for Dorian and his family, his mom took to his Prayers For Dorian Facebook page to tell Dorian’s prayer warriors that he is not doing well and Hospice has come in, so today I ask you all a favor, lets show Dorian how much he is loved. Use the #DStrong hashtag and send your love to this angel and his family. Show his family your support and show them how thankful we all are for them sharing this story.


Dorian you are stronger than anyone I have ever met, we are all blessed and better people because of you, you have stayed strong and fought a fight with grace and style, you are an inspiration to all of us. We at The Movie Chickk are all #DStrong and have you in our prayers. You are surrounded by so much love, from all over the world. You are truly an angel who has touched so many lives, I hope that you feel our love and that our love can take the pain away.

All photos curtosey of the Praying For Dorian Facebook page


Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.
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Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.

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