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Everything You Need To Know About FINDING DORY From The Cast & Filmmakers

Who knew a little blue fish would swim into our hearts and change the way we looked at sea life forever? Well, 13 years ago Pixar did just that with FINDING NEMO. Dory and Nemo swam into theatres and into our hearts as we watched the adventure of a little blue fish searching the entire ocean for his friend Nemo. After all of this time, we are finally getting to go back underwater and find out what the loveable and charming Dory is up to when FINDING DORY hits theatres tomorrow. Last week the filmmakers and cast got together to talk about the upcoming film, the spectacular voice cast  and what took so long for us to get it. Here is everything we learned about the upcoming film.


  • Nemo has a new voice. Hayden Rolence took over the role originally voiced by Alexander Gould. Rolence told us he was a big fan of the original film and that he was a bit nervous to take over a role of such a beloved character. It was important for him to do Nemo justice; it was a dream come true for him to play this role.
  • Ty Burrell, the voice of Bailey the Beluga Whale who’s radar isn’t working, told us that one of the themes in the film that he enjoyed was that somehow friendship can make you complete. He also let us in on why Pixar films are so incredible, according to Burrell their success comes from the fact that they address serious topics in their films that children want to talk about but often are never discussed. He believes that the films help start much-needed conversations between children and adults.
  • When Ellen DeGeneres was asked why Dory has become such a loveable and iconic character, and what traits Dory has that she would like to have for herself she told us: ” Optimism and perseverance and non-judgment. Not having ant resentment or holding on to any anger. She doesn’t feel like a victim. I think that’s why she’s such a loveable character…She just thinks everything is possible, and she never for a second thinks that anything’s wrong with anybody else or herself. She just keeps swimming. I’d like to have all of those traits.”
  • Director and co-writer Andrew Stanton told us that he never expected to go back to the world of FINDING NEMO and it wasn’t until he watched the 3-D version back in 2011 that he left the theatre feeling very worried about Dory. He felt that she needed closure and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Producer Lindsey Collins added that as filmmakers they felt like “How could I have left her incomplete.” But still the two kept it to themselves even if it was bugging them and after some time had passed and they felt strongly about bringing the project to life, they went to John Lasseter and said: “We have an idea.”
  • Stanton knew going into the film that it was always going to be about Dory accepting herself. He told us: “The premise that I ultimately came with is that you are not at peace until you truly can accept who you are.” Collins felt that Dory needed to grant herself the same grace that she gave to everyone else. She wanted to make her stronger and the only way to bring her to that place was for her to grant it to herself.


  • One of the new characters you will meet in the film is an octopus named Hank, and he is amazing! Collins told us Hank needed to be a jack-of-all-trades that could go anywhere and get anywhere because he needed to get smooshed into small spaces and then quickly expand to his normal size this meant he could have no skeletal structure. Why is this important you ask, because it usually takes Pixar six months to make a character, it took two years to make Hank! Stanton added: “It took six months just to animate the first shot.”
  • Albert Brooks told us it was easy to step back into the role of Marlin, a role he hadn’t played in 13 years. He finds Marlin relatable due to their similarities but tries not to be as easily upset by the little things.
  • Eugene Levy, who is no stranger to fatherly roles, is the voice of Charlie, Dory’s father. It was the touching and emotional script that drew him to the project and made pouring himself into the character easy.
  • A new character in Dory’s adventure is Hank, an octopus I dare you not to fall in love with, voiced by Ed O’Neil. He joked about being the “Dory” of this film because he quickly becomes her sidekick in this newest adventure and promises to campaign for a third film just like Ellen did if she will have him on her show.


Sitting in front of the cast and filmmakers and listening to them talk about these wonderful characters, who they clearly love, is the opportunity of a lifetime and makes me fall in love with this film all over again. Ellen campaigned for a sequel for years, and thanks to the brilliant minds at Pixar we get to go on another underwater adventure with our favorite fishes. FINDING DORY hits theatres everywhere on June 17 and you don’t want to miss it. Let us know which character you are most excited to see or meet!


Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.
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Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.

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