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Take A Wild Ride With AMATEUR NIGHT – Movie Review

A look inside the new comedy AMATEUR NIGHT

Everyone knows Jason Biggs from the hilarious hit comedy franchise AMERICAN PIE, and now he’s putting his comedy chops back on the line for a new comedy AMATEUR NIGHT. Joined by Janet Montgomery (Salem), Jenny Mollen (EXTRACTION), Bria Murphy (THE PERFECT MATCH), and Ashley Tisdale (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL) this is one comedy you won’t soon forget and you will never guess why.

Guy Carter (Biggs) is an architect, a rather good one, he has a beautiful wife and they have a baby on the way, sounds like a pretty great life right? Well, Carter has a problem he and his wife are both out of work and their insurance is about to run out. Carter’s wife Anne, played by Biggs real life wife the hilarious Jenny Mollen, of course doesn’t tell him this because he has been going on countless interviews and she is sure he will find a job soon. When Carter realizes that none of these jobs are going to come through and then hears from his wife that they are about to loose their health insurance just as they are about to have the baby, panic doesn’t begin to cover it. Carter is the kind of guy who has to have all his “ducks in a row,” no literally it’s all he talks about, and not having a job or insurance has him spiraling out of control. While he’s panicking, Anne takes action and goes on craigslist to look for work for Guy that will get them enough money to pay for one more month of health insurance. Guy looks at his wife like she’s crazy when she tells him it’s a job looking for drivers, probably pizza’s or a delivery service, but knows he doesn’t have many other options and goes to the interview anyway.


He should have known when the interview was being held at a local burger joint, this probably wasn’t delivering pizza, but he also knew if he came out without money he would just let Anne down. Willing to do anything to make his wife happy, he out aside, or tries to anyway, all his OCD’s and paranoia’s and decided he could do this, I mean how hard could it be driving around a prostitute for one night?

Half sex-driven raunchy comedy, half heartwarming love story, AMATEUR NIGHT has moments that will make you swoon as well as say “what the hell did I just see?” Bigg’s Carter is like watching a grown up and more adult version of AMERICAN PIE’S, Jim Levenstein. The chemistry between Biggs and Mollen is amazing as they are real-life husband and wife, although I think Mollen in real life would have been on board with him driving prostitutes much more than her character Anne was. If you thought seeing Vanessa Hudgens in SPRING BREAKERS was shocking, then wait till you see Ashley Tisdale as Fallon one of Nikki’s trio of girls who set out to a bachelor party like you have only heard stories about. Bria Murphy star as Jaxi, Fallon’s loud-mouthed partner in crime but it is Janet Montgomery who steals every scene she is in as Nikki, the leader and boss of the trio. Nikki is rough around the edges, completely unapologetic, will not take no for an answer and always gets what she wants.


Not for the faint of heart AMATEUR NIGHT is as raunchy as it is heartwarming, and it is one wild ride. There were so many moments where I was asking myself “Really, did they just go there?” that I wondered who could have possibly thought this up, but here is my favorite part and why if you like raunchy sex comedies you have to see this film, it’s a TRUE STORY! Yes you heard that correct, writers and co-directors Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse based the film on their real life experiences when the duo first moved out to LA. They were new to the town, pregnant and looking for fast ways to make money to pay the bills until the broke into the business. They took the highlights of a better part of a year of Joe driving and condensed it into one night for the film. Going into the film knowing this, will make it even more fun and more shocking, so if you loved films like AMERICAN PIE, SEX DRIVE, or CHASING AMY you should check don’t want to miss this. AMATEUR NIGHT is open in theatres in NY and LA now and will be available On Demand in select markets on August 12.

Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.
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Krisily Kennedy is just a chickk who loves movies and talking about them. Owner and founder of The Movie Chickk a place for chickks who love film and guys who love chickks who love film.

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