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The Movie Chickk is the place to go to find all things movies from Chickks that love them. From movie news to movie reviews The Movie Chickk brings you all things movie related from women that love film. The only female based movie news website, outside of mommy blogs, on the internet, The Movie Chickk has continued to grow bringing on more women who love talking about the art of filmmaking. Chickks love movies and love to talk about them and thanks to The Movie Chickk women and men everywhere now have a place to go to talk movies with the ladies that love them.

The Movie Chickk Founder & Editor In Chief – Krisily Kennedy


Creator and founder of The Movie Chickk, Krisily Kennedy has always had a love for films, falling in love with their stories and characters starting at a young age with films like “ET”, “Harry And The Henderson’s” and “Desperately Seeking Susan”. She started her hosting career in 2003 covering motorcycles for The Ride and covering sports while working for NESN’s Boston Red Sox Pre & Post Game show. Her love affair of film only grew stronger after moving to Hollywood, CA and working as a producers assistant on two feature films. Being on set each day seeing the amount of people, time, and effort that it took to just film one scene gave Krisily an entirely new appreciation for the art film making. Watching an idea become a story, a story become a script, and a script become a movie is one of the most amazing processes to be a part of. To think that every day hundreds of thousands of people walk into a movie theatre or turn on their television to sit down and escape from whatever their life is giving them with a movie, is pretty amazing. What is even more amazing is that a movie can make you feel, feel real emotion, whether it is laughter or tears, fear or excitement, it can bring out true emotion. That is what made Krisily truly fall in love with film. Bringing the two things together that she is passionate about, working as a correspondent and talking about film, has been a dream come true. For the past three years Krisily could be seen hosting AMC Movie Talk, interviewing countless A list celebrities for their upcoming films and covering red carpet premieres for AMC Theatres. She made the move over to Regal Cinemas to host her own show called Monday Morning Critic which can be seen on Youtube. Having a great following of movie lovers on social media Krisily created The Movie Chickk for the people that wanted to hear her opinion on all things film and the site has grown to become even more, something she is extremely proud of. Krisily hopes to help raise awareness with her “Beyond The Star” segments, showing powerful members of the entertainment industry stepping out of the bright lights and off the red carpets, using their voices to make a difference in our world. The Movie Chickk recently partnered with The Popcorn Talk Network to bring you The Movie Chickk Quick reviews!

Krisily currently resides in Los Angeles and is a proud “Foster Failure” to the love of her life Dozer, the 95 lb lap dog.

The Movie Chickk Team

Megan Salinas


Megan Salinas, The Movie Chickk’s very own resident Horror Chickk was the first chickk to join our amazing team of Chickks who love movies. She loves movies of all genres but has a special place in her heart for the horror genre, superhero films, and films of Studio Ghibli. When Megan isn’t watching and talking about movies, she is working as a coordinator for NBC Universal, but she doesn’t stop there! You can also find her on tons of Hollywood red carpets as a field producer for The Popcorn Talk network, and at Afterbuzz TV, where she hosts countless after shows like Agents of Shield, Attack on Titan, Star Wars Rebels, Orphan Black, RWBY, and many more! Megan’s dream is to produce and direct, so that she can share her love of story telling with the world. Make sure you are keeping up with Megan and all her exciting adventures right here at The Movie Chickk and come talk movies with her on Twitter by following her at @themenguin. Be sure make sure you check us on @ThePopcornTalk where you can watch The Movie Chickk Quick Review, a spoiler free review in under 10 minutes.



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